Who We Are

Program Objectives
Most Blessed Sacrament Catholic School offers a learning environment grounded in the Catholic Christian faith and supported by gospel values. Our program emphasizes the intellectual, spiritual and physical development of every child. Respecting the individual and celebrating our unity as Christian learners, our school is a mission-driven educational community that is both academically challenging and spiritually nourishing with enrichment activities, extended care and a wide array of professional support services.

We believe that the best education is one that embraces the whole child. Consequently, our programs carry both a strong academic and religious focus, nurturing a generation of bright and moral leaders for tomorrow. Students leave our school well prepared, motivated for success and firmly anchored in Christian traditions and values.

We recognize that each child has special gifts and needs. Our academic programs respond by challenging students to achieve their full potential. A rich and varied academic atmosphere is provided by fully qualified faculty. Our curriculum follows guidelines established by the Diocese of Wilmington and is designed to stimulate the intellect and the curiosity of every learner. Technology is integrated into all areas of study, which include: Religion, Fine Arts, Language Arts, Math, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies and World Languages.

We strive to foster an appreciation of our Catholic faith traditions and provide opportunities to actively participate in their expression. A dedicated faculty affirms the dignity of each child and prepares students for the future by providing opportunities for faith-building through prayer and study, liturgical worship, community service and demonstration of Christian behaviors. We strongly promote the practice of mutual charity while accepting, celebrating and building on our individual differences.