FAQs for Parents

We have forms that must be completed before an athlete is cleared to play. The required forms can be found here: https://mostblessedsacramentschool.com/forms/. They include: (1) Physical Exam Form- Completed within the last year. Send physical copy into school. (2) Medical History Form- Completed Online (3) Parent Contract- Completed Online (4) Participation Waiver- Completed Online (5) Transportation Waiver- Completed Online.

We collect a sports participation fee at MBS. Each player must pay $50 for each sport they play. The fees help pay our game officials and buy plaques/medals for our end-of-season recognition ceremony. Any left over funds go to buying new equipment and jerseys. The participation fee can be paid by cash (in an envelope labeled with the child’s name) or by check made payable to MBSCS.

We are dependent on parent-volunteers for our away games. We do not provide bus transportation. Each student must complete and turn in a transportation waiver (found here: https://mostblessedsacramentschool.com/forms/) if they wish to travel with another family from MBS. Parents are responsible for finding a ride for their child and must communicate with the other parent before game day. Then an email must be sent to the athletic director specifying approval.

Parents can volunteer to coach, help at the scorers table, help with marking the fields or help with our away game transportation. We ask MBS parents on the sidelines to remain positive and respectful to everyone.

We do not have try-outs at MBS. However, we sometimes have reserve/developmental players. For example, in golf, our matches are usually against 5 players max from another team. Therefore, if we have 10 MBS golfers…5 would be our regular players (determined by coaching staff), 2 would be our reserve players (attend all practices, pay sports fee, play when a MBS player cannot attend a match) and 3 would be our developmental players (attend all practices, do not pay sports fee).

5th graders are allowed to play golf and softball at MBS. However, their parents must help coach to ensure their child has a good experience.

We mostly play against other small, private schools on the Eastern Shore. Some of the schools include Worcester Prep, Seaside Christian Academy, The Salisbury School, Salisbury Christian, Epworth, Holly Grove, Delmarva Christian, Lighthouse Christian, Sussex Academy, Sts. Peter & Paul and The Country School. At the high school level, most of these schools are members of the Eastern Shore Independent Athletic Conference (ESIAC).

Players are dismissed early (around 2:15-2:35pm) for our away games. This is to ensure they have a spot in the carpool and to get them to the host school on time.

Students must be present for a half day or longer on gameday. This means the student-athlete must be at school for 3 hours in order to participate in the game later that day! Medical appointments and other extenuating circumstances must be discussed beforehand with the athletic director.

While we encourage multi-sport participation here at MBS, players cannot play more than one sport for MBS in a season. It presents commitment issues due to our game schedules.

Cell phones are to be used by MBS players for two reasons only: (1) to coordinate transportation (2) to communicate an emergency. MBS players may not take out their cell phone and use it as an entertainment or social media device. As it shows a lack of commitment and self control, habitual offenders of this rule will be asked to leave their team. We ask parents to support this policy. Instead, players should cheer on their school, learn through observation and socialize in-person.

We try to communicate any weather cancellations by 12:00 (Noon) on game day. However, for away games, the host school has discretion. Occasionally, if the forecast is pretty clear cut, we are able to communicate a weather cancellation the night before. Please understand communicating early is to help our upper-Delaware families and their school transportation needs.

All student-athletes must have a 76 or higher in all classes. Any repetitious, unproductive behavior by a MBS student may result in him/her being denied admission to a team or removed from a team.

All team athletes and their parents are invited to attend an awards assembly at the end of each season (usually 3 weeks after the last week of games). Athletes and coaches are honored for their season and individual/team awards are given out.

We currently offer co-ed soccer, co-ed golf, girls volleyball, boys/girls basketball and girls softball. Lacrosse and baseball are also being explored.

MBS Student-Athletes are solely responsible for their uniforms throughout the season. Responsible means bringing the uniform on game day, washing the uniform correctly/regularly and returning the uniform at the end of the season. If the uniform is not returned, a bill will be sent to the athlete. A bill will also be sent if the uniform is damaged because of incorrect cleaning, neglect or misuse.