The MBS Advantage

Multi-sport participation is encouraged.

  • We will work with our athletes so they can play on our teams and their outside teams.
  • Not specializing in one sport too early is physically and mentally beneficial for athletes.
  • When kids play multiple sports, they can be put in different positions and play a different team role in one sport compared to another.
  • Participating in multiple sports allow athletes to use different muscle groups.

Take advantage of peak height velocity (PHV).

  • PHV is the fastest rate of growth a child will experience outside their first year of life. 
  • The average age for PHV is 12 for girls and 14 for boys.
  • Accelerated improvement in aerobic capacity and strength occurs when a child is experiencing their PHV.
  • Regular and sustained exercise must happen for the accelerated improvement in aerobic capacity and strength to occur. MBS can provide the trainings through our sports program.

Keep your high school options open.

  • We offer athletes the ability to play middle school sports now and choose their high school later.
  • We will not pressure you to attend one high school over another because we are not affiliated with any in the area.
  • We want you to develop with us and then move on to the public or private high school of your choosing.

Individualized plans.

  • All student-athletes, even those excelling, grow and develop according to their own unique timeline.
  • We are willing to work with parents to create the best possible plan for a child so they can enter high school mature, ready and prepared.

Middle school sports in Maryland.

  • Maryland public schools do not offer middle school sports.
  • At MBS, your Maryland child can gain invaluable interscholastic sports experience. Experience most of their future peers in high school will not be getting.

Friday 12:00pm dismissals.

  • We have approximately ten 12:00pm dismissals throughout the academic year.
  • Our academic calendar facilitates participation in travel team tournaments and competitions.

School schedule conducive to outside sports.

  • From year to year, the start and end times of public schools change due to bus transportation needs.
  • Earlier start times can make morning sport practices difficult to attend.
  • Later end times can make afternoon sport practices difficult to attend.
  • Our school day will not start before 7:30am or end after 3:30pm making it easier to attend outside practices.

Go to school with other serious athletes.

  • The personal aspects of athletic performance such as nutrition, proper hydration and psychological training are important to develop.
  • Having other serious athletes (from a wide variety of different sports) train, eat and study with your child will help them establish and maintain good habits and routines.