Time, Talent, Treasure

HSA Executive Board
The Home and School Association welcomes you to the 2019/2020 school year at Most Blessed Sacrament Catholic School. Our main objective is to raise funds to support the school in any aspect. We have chosen to raise most of these funds through “social events’” rather than standard product selling. It has been our experience that we can involve many more students, parents, families and community friends with these events. It also provides a perfect opportunity to meet other parents and socialize while raising money for our students. We will ask that each of you commit to help with these efforts. Your talents will help us reach and hopefully exceed all of your fundraising goals this year! Each family is asked to volunteer 20 hours of their time. The hours are recorded upon check in and you are notified periodically of the total. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with all of the many volunteering opportunities available.

Again, we welcome each of you and look forward to meeting you throughout the school year. We welcome any ideas, concerns, or just comments that well help to make MBS an even better place.

Thank you in advance for all of your help.

Contact HSA for any questions: hsa@mbscs.org.


Volunteers are needed for the HSA committees and/or provide your time and talents to all kinds of volunteer projects going on at different times of the day and year. Ask a Council member, homeroom mom and teacher for ideas on how to get involved!

Volunteers are needed to assist school personnel with lunch and playground duties.

School Board
We are very pleased to have the support of a very dedicated School Advisory Board. The Board meets throughout the school year to advise the Superintendent and Principal on the operation and management of our Catholic school ministry. The following is a list of our School Board members:

School Board

Mrs. Christa Gunther, HSA President
Mrs. Joanne Busalacchi, St. Ann/Our Lady of Guadalupe
Rev. William Cocco, St. Edmond
Rev. Joseph Cocucci MPR, St. John Neumann
Rev. Robert E. Coine, St. Michael the Archangel/Mary Mother of Peace
Dr. Lou DeAngelo, Catholic Schools Office
Rev. John Solomon, St. Mary Star of the Sea/Holy Savior
Rev. Thomas Flowers, St. Jude the Apostle
Mrs. Helen Flynn, Our Lady of Lourdes
Deacon John Freebery, St. Ann/Our Lady of Guadalupe
Mrs. Margaret Giacoponello, St. John Neumann
Mrs. Sue Hommel, St. Mary Star of the Sea/Holy Savior
Vy. Rev. Paul Jennings V.F., St. Luke/St. Andrew
Rev. John P. Klevence, St. Ann
Mrs. Donna Potenza, St. John Neumann
Mrs. Kathleen Manns, Principal
Rev. Steven Giuliano, Our Lady of Lourdes
Mrs. Kim Zarif, St. Luke/St. Andrew
Mr. Wayne Straight, St. Luke/St. Andrew

We sincerely appreciate their dedication and commitment to our school.