Mission and Ministry

Most Blessed Sacrament Catholic School is a Pre-K to Eighth grade school that offers a learning environment grounded in Catholic values and based on the Gospel teachings of Jesus Christ. Our program emphasizes the intellectual, spiritual, and physical development of every child. Respecting the individual and celebrating our unity as Christian learners, our school is a mission-driven educational community that is both academically challenging and spiritually nourishing. Children are taught, as called for in the Gospel, that we are meant to serve others. MBS was founded in 2003 by the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington as a Regional Catholic School for the Catholic parishes of St. Ann, St. Edmond, St. Jude the Apostle, St. Luke, St. Mary Star of the Sea, St. Michael the Archangel, Our Lady of Lourdes and then later St. John Neumann. Since our founding, more than 1500 students and their families have been part of the MBS community. For MBS families, school isn’t just for children, we are a faith-filled community of families as well. School functions and volunteer opportunities-HSA, cafeteria duty, athletics, scouts and classroom activities, provide meaningful experiences for parents build fellowship as they participate in school life. For students, their shared experiences throughout the elementary and middle school years form bonds that last a lifetime.